Radha Jagga Mehta’s designs are inspired by her life as a world traveller. The daughter of an Indian luxury hotel entrepreneur and British/French interior designer, she had an exotic childhood that honed her passion for art, fashion and decorating.
Radha attended high school in London, then Parsons and The American University in Paris, where she studied art and design. An early love of painting and sculpture blossomed into a fifteen-year career in the film industry in Los Angeles, where she worked as an Emmy-nominated set decorator.
“Working on location on a film for months at a time, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture,” says Radha. “You are able to see things as a local and become part of the community. There are many corners of this world that have a purity of design and sophistication that amazes me. On my travels, the idea of starting JAGGA formed and has become my passion.”

Jagga Jewellery
Hand-crafted from 18 carat metals and the finest gems sourced from India and Thailand, Jagga Jewellery is designed with permanence is mind. The meticulous craftsmanship and generous distribution of materials ensures a satisfying heft that makes each piece comfortable to wear and destined for heirloom status.

“JAGGA’s inspiration is from both the East and the West,” says Radha. “I am constantly struck by how pieces from different parts of the world can look as if they belong together.”

This global aesthetic is best exemplified by her line of rings, which fuses symbolism derived from ancient Rome with designs based on Indian henna tattoos.

Both relaxed and luxurious, the jewellery reflects Radha’s personal aesthetic. She continues to pack her suitcase and explore the world for unusual and unique pairings.

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